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Reviews From Waterbury
Testimonials From Waterbury
The roofing job that was done on our home was excellent in all aspects. Not only do we have...
Testimonial by Donald & Fay G. from Waterbury, CT
Mr. Scott Fennelly and his crew were outstanding. My wife and I are...
Testimonial by Steve D. from Waterbury, CT

Waterbury, CT residential and commercial roofing contractor

Weathertite Systems, LLC is your local roofing company and home improvement expert with 15 years of experience in the Waterbury area. You can trust us for permanent roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, and more! We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we are an Owen's Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor fully qualified to handle any roof repair or roof installation project. We provide both residential and commercial siding and roofing services throughout Waterbury and nearby areas in Connecticut.

Whether you need emergency roof repair, hail damage repair, wood rot repair, a professional roof inspection, or a complete roof replacement, Weathertite Systems, LLC has the answers. Our weatherproof, long-lasting replacement roofs are available in materials such as asphalt shingle roofing, flat roofing, composite roofing, energy-efficient shingle roofing, and many more. The benefits of a roof installation from Weathertite Systems, LLC include:

  • Moisture prevention and roof protection
  • Better energy-efficiency
  • Increased interior comfort
  • Long-lasting, durable roofing system
  • Better property value and curb appeal
  • Peace of mind from a safe, secure home

If you need a new roofing system for an apartment complex, office building, condominium or other commercial property, we offer modified bitumen, asphalt shingles, EPDM/rubber roofing, and more.

Your proven deck and siding company in Waterbury, CT

Do you need siding installation for a new construction, siding replacement for old or damaged siding, or siding repair services? Weathertite Systems, LLC is here for you! We specialize in weatherproof vinyl siding that will help protect your home from the outside elements while upgrading your home's energy-efficiency and curb appeal. Our other siding options include aluminum siding, cedar siding, fiber cement siding, and stone/brick veneer siding.

We offer both residential and commercial siding throughout the Waterbury, CT area, so don't hesitate to give us a call to find out more about how our siding can increase your property's value, lower your heating and cooling bills, and protect against the outside elements.

Weathertite Systems, LLC is also an expert in durable, weatherproof deck installation and deck restoration services throughout Waterbury and nearby. Complete your deck or porch upgrade with beautiful, customized handrails that will provide both safety and style!

Improve your home's energy-efficiency with our beautiful replacement windows

Here at Weathertite Systems, LLC, we provide high-quality window replacements that are guaranteed to add beauty to your home! We only use highly durable, Energy Star rated materials to prevent drafts and energy loss through better insulation and ventilation, so you can start saving money on your energy costs right away. By investing in replacement windows from Weathertite Systems, LLC, you can upgrade your home's protection against the weather outside while enjoying a brand new aesthetic with custom shapes, sizes, and grid patterns. Our window installation options include:

  • Aluminum windows
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Fiberglass windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • And more!

From picture windows and sliding windows to French windows, casement windows, and bay and bow windows, we can install the perfect style for your home's unique appearance.

Weathertite Systems, LLC is your best option for roof repair, roof inspections, residential and commercial roof installation, siding replacement, and replacement windows. Contact us for a free cost estimate in Waterbury, CT or nearby!

Case Studies From Waterbury
A customer called Weathertite Systems to replace her old roof.
A customer in Cheshire needed the entire roof, gutters, and downspouts replaced on his home. He called Weathertite Systems to fix the problem and get...
A distressed customer called Weathertite Systems to fix the roof the right way.
Job Stories From Waterbury, CT
Shingle & Gutter Installation - Waterbury, CT

A customer in Waterbury, CT, needed new shingles and gutters installed, so they contacted Weathertite in hopes that we would get the job done fast. Here's what we did for them:


To start the job we:

Removed the roofing shingles down to the decking

Removed the gutters

Installed ice and water barriers 

Installed new shingles of like style and color

Then we:

Removed the existing gutters

Installed new white 5 inch K-style seamless gutters

To finish the job we:

Removed all debris


The customer was very pleased with the final results.


Aluminum Siding & Trimming Installation - Waterbury, CT

A customer in Waterbury, CT, needed a lot of work done on their siding so they contacted Weathertite in hopes that we would get the job done quickly and efficiently. 


To start the job we:

Removed the bottom row of siding 

Cut back the rubber roof

Installed a new, white, brake bent, aluminum flashing to the area where the siding was removed

Installed EPDM flashing cover tape to the area where the flashing was installed

Installed new, white, double 4" siding panels

Installed 2 new, white brake aluminum trimming

Then we:

Removed the 3 pieces of J-channel from around the window

Installed 3 new pieces of white J-channels

Sealed all needed areas with tripolymer sealant

To finish the job we:

Removed all debris


The customer was very pleased with the final results.

Capping shingles - Waterbury

The following was completed to a customer's home in Waterbury, CT:

We removed the capping shingles from the rear right hip and ridge section located on the main roof section of the home, removed the roofing shingles down to the decking from the entire valley and from around the two inch vent pipe, removed the boot and discarded, installed ice and water barrier to the entire area, and installed new shingles of like style and color with proper installation.  Then, we installed a new vent pipe boot to the area removed, installed new capping shingles of like style and color to the area removed, and sealed the boot to the pipe with tri polymer sealant.  To finish the job, we removed all debris from the property.  

Gutters in Waterbury, CT

Company in Waterbury, CT needed new gutters on their business. Weathertite Systems installed .032 white seamless gutters over garage bay doors and straps. The customer was very happy that his business now had new gutters. 

Roof Replacement Waterbury, CT

Tammy gave Weathertite a call because she saw our ad in the newspaper.  She told us that she wanted to have a quote on a total roof replacement. We sent out our project manager and that's exactly what we did for her. She agreed to our plans and we did the following work:

  • Strip the entire roof.
  • Replace any damaged sheathing.
  • Apply ice and water barrier at the eaves, valleys, and chimney.
  • Apply new vented aluminum edging to complete perimeter of the roof areas.
  • Apply Fiberglass reinforced underlayment.
  • Apply new vent pipe boots.
  • Apply new roofing shingles in Certainteed Moire Black.
  • Apply new counterflashing around chimneys.
  • Apply Ridgevent to ridges.
  • Clean up daily and remove all job related debris from premises when complete.
  • Clean up all roofing debris from gutters when complete.
Roofing Installation in Waterbury, CT

Kara needed her roof redone.  She called Weatherite and we did the following:

  • Strip the roof.  Remove the existing two layers of the roofing down to the wood deck.
  • Remove existing shingles from around the rear chimney
  • Install ice and water barrier on the roof deck around the rear chimney extending up on to the chimney
  • Install new shingles of like make and color using new aluminum flashing, permanent corner flashing and lead aprons
  • Grind chimney and install new lead counterflashing
  • Seal counterflashing with tripolymer sealant
Roof Replacement and Skylight Installation in Waterbury, CT

Patrick inquired to Weathertite about having his roof redone as well as installing new skylights.  We sent down our project manager to give a free quote and Patrick was pleased with it. We began work as soon as the materials arrived to his home and did the following:

  • Removed two layers on roofing down to the decking from around the base of 10” Louver located on the rear main roof section on the home.
  • Removed the louver and discarded.
  • Installed ice and water barrier to the area.
  • Installed two layers of new roofing shingles to the area removed with 1 new 10” louver.
  • Remove the two layers of new roofing shingles to the decking from around the base of the skylight located on the rear main roof section of the home.
  • Removed the skylight and discarded.
  • Installed one new Velux, FS M06 skylight to the area removed.
  • Installed two layers of new roofing shingles to the area removed with the new flashing kit.
  • Sealed all needed areas with tripolymer sealant.  Removed all debris.

Patrick condemned our team for the work we did.  He was very happy.

Roof Repair- Waterbury, CT

We completed a job for Thomas of Waterbury including roofing and siding.

We completed the following work:

- Remove the dish.  Remove shingles where where the dish was installed.  Filled in holes where it was drilled through the plywood.  Replace felt paper, and reinstall with new shigles.

- Remove and replace bottom window trim with new metal where it was drilled.

Thomas was very pleased.

Heat Cable Installation - Waterbury, CT

Donna B. from Waterbury, CT called Weathertite in mid-October, 2015.  She was interested in having heat cables installed on her home to better assist her in preventing ice dams, which could be a huge safety hazard to one’s home.  An ice dam can leak water into a home and cause staining to the ceiling and walls (see News and Events, article pertaining to ice dams.)  They can also be harmful to the gutters, damaging them and blocking water flow.  Heat cables are one of the best ways to prevent these ice dams; Donna and our company rep. discussed the situation when they met for her free estimate, and a date was set.  An installer arrived at her home on the date and time that was planned, and the following work was completed:

  • Cleaned out the front and rear gutters on the home
  • Sealed the endcaps and pop outs with gutter sealant
  • Installed ice melt cables along the front gutters and downspouts
  • Installed ice melt cables to the rear gutters and downspouts
  • Installed an exterior gift electrical outlet to the front area and an exterior gift electrical outlet to the real area to supply power to the ice melt cables
  • Wire the electrical outlets to the circuit panel on the home with a breaker switch

The work above began in about 1-2 weeks from the contract being signed, and the project was finished in 1-2 days.  The electrical work that was completed was done by a licensed electrician not affiliated with Weathertite Systems.  Happy about her new cables, Donna was happy she chose our company to get the job done!

Gutter Installation Project in Waterbury, CT

Weathertite was called by a Waterbury, CT property owner to complete a gutter job.  The apartment owner needed a whole new gutter system on the property and knew Weathertite was the perfect company to call considering we had done work for them in the past.  We sent out our project manager to evaluate the job site and write up a free quote for the gentleman.  As soon as the quote was approved and the materials were delivered, Weathertite began working.  Our work included:

  • Remove the remaining gutters and downspouts from the entire home and discard.
  • Install new, clay, 5-inch seamless gutters to the rear main roof eaves, the front main roof eaves (excluding the two eaves above the front right lower roof section), and the front lower roof eaves on the home using straps.
  • Install 6 new, clay downspouts using 2”X 3” leaders and elbows with clips (The two front upper downspouts will drain into the lower roof gutters.
  • Attach two corrugated drains to the front lower downspouts on the home.
  • Seal all endcaps, pop outs and mitres with Tripolymer Sealant.
  • Remove all debris.

After the job was complete, the property owner commended us on the work we did installing the new gutter system.

Roofing and Siding Repair - Waterbury, CT


Jay was curious about getting a quote on some work he wanted done to his home, so after calling our office, we set him up an appointment with our project manager in order to assess the job.  Jay needed roofing and siding work done, so our crew member took measurements and inspected the home.  After inspection, Jay and Joel, our company rep., talked over what the next steps would be.  In the end, Jay signed with us.  We started work in a couple of weeks, and this included:

  • Remove the remaining damaged section of aluminum trimming located on the front gable on the home and discard
  • Install new, white, smooth, brake bent, aluminum trimming to the area removed
  • Remove about 3-4 roofing shingles from the rear left lower roof section where the vinyl corner is located
  • Loosen the vinyl corner and install cornerflashing to the area. 
  • Install ice and water barrier to the area
  • Install new shingles of like style and color to the area removed and resecure the vinyl corner
  • Remove the roofing shingles down to the decking from around the vent pipe located on the rear main roof section on the home
  • Remove the boot and discard
  • Install ice and water barrier with new shingles of like style and color and 1 new vent pipe boot and seal

Jay ended up going with Sea Green shingles for the ones replaced.  He was pleased with the project completed and was glad he chose to go with Weathertite from the beginning.

Work Requests From Waterbury, CT
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We are in need of a new roof, siding, windows. Would like it to be under 1 company
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500sf garage roof needs to be replaced. Section of roof on house by chimney is leaking. Need someone available as soon as possible
Vicinity of Oakville Ave in Waterbury
Looking have have gutters cleaned and heat stripping put on a portion of the roof.
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Gutters leaking. Need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill Ave in Waterbury
Water leaking in the house from roof line; also having gutter trouble.
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I need the gutter on my front porch cleaned and would like to know the cost to have this service.
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Replace gutters
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Gutters need repaired or replacing. Causing water damage to my natural stone front staircase.
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Quote for roof replacement.
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Need a quote please for siding and possibly window replacements
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My roof need to be replaced
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Siding for top of 3 family house and gutters
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Roof possibly windows
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Replacement windows
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I whant a estimated about the ruf
Vicinity of Gaylord Dr in Waterbury
Need 2 parts of the gutters replaced. Currently have leaf guard and are very unhappy with what happens in the winter with dripping icicles. We would like wider more open gutters in these 2 lower areas and maybe an idea about keeping the water from dripping on the front stairs corner. Thank you
Vicinity of Pine St in Waterbury
Need a new roof for a 3 family home but really do not have the funds.
Vicinity of Kenfield Lane in Waterbury
We are interesting in replacing our gutters.
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