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Siding Case Studies: New siding and roofing installation in Trumbull, CT

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter


A customer was dealing with issues of water intrusion in his home and needed Weathertite Systems to fix the problem the right way.



- Replaced damaged sheathing on the roof.
- Installed ice and water barrier along the eaves.
- Installed new vent pipe boots on the roof. A vent pipe is a plumbing air vent designed to remove gas and odors.
- Installed new roofing shingles and lead counterflashing around the chimney. The chimney flashing is a watertight seal of sheet metal between the chimney and the roof.
- Removed the old aluminum siding and replaced it with Norandex Cedar Knolls Granite Double 5 Vinyl Siding!

The customer was thrilled to know that his home is protected and well insulated thanks to Weathertite Systems.  The customer has plans to book the company for another project later in the year.

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