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Windows Case Studies: New Plumtree Heights Condo Window - Bethel, CT

Monday, March 6th, 2017 by Ramah Barmo


Ima****ers LLC, contacted Weathertite Systems about one of their condo’s windows. Weathertite headed down to see that the window did in fact have some issues. Along with the windows some of the old shingles needed some work. In preparation for the winter to come we made a plan, got the permit lined up and began our work as soon as possible.


Weathertite crew did the following to ensure they have proper windows for their home:

  • Removed the existing vinyl siding and upper window bottom sill, aluminum trimming in between the glass panels and the glass panels from the top of the two atrium window areas
  • Saved the vinyl siding for re-installation and discarded the aluminum trimming and glass. Installed ¾” CDX to the complete areas where the glass was removed
  • Installed Ice and Water barriers to the complete area extending up onto the walls 24” and down on to the fascia
  • Installed 2 new, Velux, fixed, model D-26 skylights, 1 on each side
  • Installed new brown rake and drop edging
  • Installed new CertainTeed Architectural lifetime shingles, color is Burnt Siena to match the main roof.
  • Installed new brown aluminum apron flashing to extend up onto the wall 18”
  • Installed ice and water barrier to the existing wall where the vinyl siding was removed extending down onto the new apron flashing
  • Re-installed the original vinyl siding where removed and bend a new bottom sill on the upper window
  • Removed all damaged sheetrock and door trim and apply bleach to any mold infected areas
  • Installed new Doug Fir Lumber where needed to expect new ½ sheetrock where removed
  • Applied two coats of tape and compound and installed new primed door trim where removed
  • Applied Kilz brand primer and paint complete damaged area
  • Removed the existing window from the kitchen and small window at top of staircase and discarded
  • Installed new sliding windows of like style and color to the areas removed
  • Applied tripolymer sealant where needed
  • Removed debris

The condo owner who phoned Weathertite was very happy with our work on this one condo. He appreciated the business he made with us and continued to ask for work on more of his condos in the area.

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