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Storm Damaged Roof Repair in Prospect, CT

Storm Damaged Roof Repair in Prospect, CT

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Storm Damaged Roof Repair in Prospect, CT Storm Damaged Roof Repair in Prospect, CT

This storm damaged home in Prospect, Connecticut needed repairs pronto to prepare for the harsh Connecticut weather. In came Weathertite, we worked hand-in-hand with this client's insurance to provide a well-protected home to withstand temperatures far better than it had before. Weathertite provided a new roofing system, new gutters, and protection. The choice of the Desert Tan shingles really allowed the homeowner to give her the original look she had before, without the possibility of storm damage. The customers were extremely pleased with the turn-out and felt content and safe with the new installations. 

Residential Roof Replacement in Prospect, CT

Residential Roof Replacement in Prospect, CT

Before After
Residential Roof Replacement in Prospect, CT Residential Roof Replacement in Prospect, CT

This home's roofing was damaged by weather. The homeowners contacted Weathertite to get their new roof and make their home feel like a home again. The crew worked a quote out with the family and we came to a number the homeowners that worked for them. They chose Harbor Blue for their new shingles. A good choice too! 

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Reviews From Prospect
Testimonials From Prospect
This is the only Company I trust in !
Testimonial by Joe M. from Prospect, CT
The house never looked better!
Testimonial by Edward L. from Prospect, CT

Experienced roofing company in Prospect, CT

Homeowners in Prospect, CT need a roof that will stay sturdy and strong through everything from winter storms to rainfall and wind. In business since 2002, Weathertite Systems, LLC is a full-service roof restoration company that's seen it all. We have the solutions for all of your roof repair and roof replacement needs, and our exterior home improvement services and exceptional track record of customer satisfaction have earned us a trusted reputation throughout the Prospect area. We offer roofing services, siding installation, window replacement, and more, and all of our employees are highly trained to provide quality, long-lasting craftsmanship.

A fully functional, permanently stable roof is essential to protecting your largest investment – your home. If you need roof repairs or a new roofing system installed, Weathertite Systems, LLC has the roof repair and roof replacement services you can trust, complete with a lifetime warranty for your new roof as well as our own lifetime limited warranty for labor and workmanship on every completed project. Whether you need storm damage repair, broken shingle repair, wood rot repair, or a full roof installation, our certified roofing technicians will go above and beyond local code necessities to ensure that your roof is in the best shape possible. Contact us today to schedule your roof consultation and inspection in Prospect, CT!

We offer a variety of replacement roofs, including:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Composite roofing
  • Energy efficient shingles
  • Flat roofing
  • Rubber roofing
  • Solar shingles
  • Wood shingles/shakes

Along with our residential roofing services, we also provide commercial roofing in styles and materials such as asphalt shingle, modified bitumen, and more for condominiums, office buildings, and other commercial properties.

Weathertite Systems, LLC is your local deck and siding contractor in Prospect, CT

When you need siding installation, siding replacement, or siding repair services, Weathertite Systems, LLC is here for you! We specialize in weatherproof vinyl siding that will help protect your home from the outside elements while upgrading your energy efficiency. Our other siding options include aluminum siding, cedar siding, fiber cement siding, and stone/brick veneer siding. We offer both residential and commercial siding throughout the Prospect, CT area, and will upgrade your property's exterior with a stylish and functional siding installation that will last for years to come!

We also offer quality deck design and deck installation for homeowners in the Prospect area. The right kind of deck will provide a lovely outdoor area for friends and family to gather and spend time, and we offer handrails in a variety of materials to customize your new deck.

Boost your home's curb appeal with our beautiful replacement windows

Complete your home improvement project by investing in Weathertite Systems, LLC's high-quality window replacements, guaranteed to add beauty to your home both inside and out. We use performance tested, Energy Star rated materials to ensure maximum energy efficiency and lower your heating and cooling costs. Investing in window replacements will not only upgrade your home's durability, efficiency, and maintenance, it can also give your home a brand new aesthetic with custom shapes, sizes, and grid patterns. Our window installation options include:

  • Aluminum windows
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Fiberglass windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • And more!

From picture windows to sliding windows, French windows, and more, we can install the perfect style for your home's unique appearance.

Weathertite Systems, LLC is the roofing contractor you can rely on for roof repair, roof installation, siding replacement, window installation, deck replacement, and more in Prospect, CT, and areas nearby. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation cost estimate!

Case Studies From Prospect
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This customer was experiencing some trouble with their deck and patio. Weathertite was ready to take care of the issue.
A company came to us about multiple buildings needing work. From shingles to ice water barriers, this company called the right crew, the Weathertite...
Press Releases From Prospect
The addition of Gutter Helmet has forced Weathertite Systems to expand their office in Naugatuck.
The addition of Gutter Helmet has forced Weathertite Systems to expand their office in Naugatuck.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Prospect, CT
Gutter Replacement - Prospect, CT

A customer in Prospect, CT, needed their gutters replaced so they contacted Weathertite.


To start the job we:

Replaced one gutter with a new 6" white .032 gutter

Installed a diverter on the gutter

Then we:

Changed existing 2" X 3" leaders and elbows to 3" X 4" leaders and elbows

Added a second leader to the new gutter and tied it into the main leader

To finish the job we:

Removed all debris


The customer was very pleased with the final results.

Window Replacement - Prospect, CT

A customer in Prospect, CT, needed her old window replaced, so they contacted Weathertite. We got to work immediately.


To start the job we:

Removed the vinyl siding from around the octagon window

Removed the window and discarded it

Cleaned the area

Then we:

Installed a new white vinyl Simonton octagon window, which came with double strength glass

Re-installed the original vinyl that was around the window

To finish the job we:

Removed all debris


The customer was very pleased with the final results.

Damaged Sheathing Fix-up - Prospect, CT

A customer in Prospect, CT, had damaged sheathing so to get it fixed they contacted Weathertite.


To start the job we: 

Removed a layer of roofing shingles

Removed the gutters

Replaced the damaged sheathing with CDX plywood

Installed ice and water barriers to the areas needed

Then we:

Installed new brown metal edging 

Installed new shingles

Re-installed the original gutters

To finish the job we:

Removed all debris to make it look like we were never there


The customer was very pleased with the final results.

Cracked Vent Pipe Boots Fix-up - Prospect, CT

A customer in Prospect, CT, noticed that they had cracked vent pipe boots which they needed to get fixed ASAP. They contacted Weathertite and we got to work as soon as we could.


To start the job we:

Removed the 2 existing, cracked vent pipe boots

Installed ice and water barriers around the vent pipes

Installed 2 new aluminum vent pipe boots

Then we:

Installed new shingles around both boots

Sealed the new boots to the pipes with tripolymer sealant

To finish the job we:

Removed all debris


The customer was very pleased with how quickly we finished the job.

Gutter Guard Installation - Prospect, CT

A customer in Prospect, CT, needed their gutters cleaned and new gutter guards installed, so they contacted Weathertite and we got to work ASAP.


To start the job we:

Cleaned the gutters, leaders, and elbows

Installed clay-colored gutter guards on all of the gutters

Then we:

Installed diverters 

To finish the job we:

Cleaned up and hauled away debris


The customer was pleased with the final results.

Deck and patio repair - Prospect, CT

The following was completed to a Prospect home owner's home:

First, our Weathertite team:

Removed the entire deck located on the rear right 2nd floor area on the home and discarded

Removed the T-111 siding from around the 2-lite patio entry door and discarded

Removed the patro door and discarded

Cleaned the area

Then, we:

Framed the opening

Installed CDX plywood decking to the needed areas

Installed one new white, vinyl, simonton, pro finish series 2-lite sliding window to the area

Installed T-111 siding to the area needed on the exterior perimeter and new white, composite trimming to the perimeter of the new window

Installed new insulation to the interior area needed around the newly framed opening around the newly installed window

To complete the job, our team:

Installed new sheetrock to the needed area

Installed taping compound to the seams of the new sheetrock

Installed new interior trimming around the perimeter 

Sealed all needed areas

Removed all debris


Sealant Repair - Prospect, CT

The following was completed to a customer's home in Prospect, CT:

First, we completed the following:

Scraped all loose sealant and gaskets from several dozen panel fasteners on the roof over the garage bays on the main building

Then, we:

Cleaned all areas with EPDM cleaner/primer

Applied geocel tri polymer sealant to all areas cleaned

Finally, we:

Scraped, cleaned, and sealed all other areas revealed while working, and 

Removed all debris.


The customer was pleased with the finished outcome of the job completed to their home.

Gutter Installation & Downspout Repair - Prospect, CT

A customer in Prospect, CT, needed new gutters installed and their old downspouts repaired, so they contacted Weathertite. We set them up with a representative of our company so we could get a closer look at their situation. After getting a closer look, it was clear that they needed new gutters. We set up a start date and got to work as soon as we could.


We started the job by installing the new gutters and then we repaired the downspout that needed repairs. We replaced two more downspouts that we thought needed to be replaced. To finish the job, we resecured the gutters on the rear of the home. We cleared all of the debris to make it look like we were never there. The customer was very pleased with the final results.

Shingle Repair in Prospect

A reality company out of Prospect called to have their roof inspected.  We guided them through the process and after a short time, they had explained what they wanted us to do for them.  The following was then completed for the company:

First we removed three feet of existing shingles along the wave on the left rear side of the second building.  After that, we then removed existing flashing from around the chimney, installed ice and water barrier along the eave extending down onto the fascia board, and completely wrapped the chimney.  Next, we installed new brown drip edge along the eave, new shingles along the eave of like make and color, and new shingles around the chimney using new step flashing.  To finish the job, we sealed counterflashing to chimney with geocell tri-polymer sealant and removed all debris.    


Roofing Job in Prospect, CT

Ken called Weathertite Systems about a roofing repair job he had for us. His roof needed work, but not completely. The project manager gave him a number he could not refuse and we began our work. Here is the work that was performed:

  • Remove existing capping. Cut back each side of the ridge. Install ridge vent and re-cap. All ridges included – roughly 93’
  • Grind and remove old chimney flashing. Remove and replace all step-flashing around both chimneys. Replace counter-flashing around both chimneys with new lead
  • Remove all debris


The customer was happy because we did it right there with Weathertite. 

Gutter Installation - Prospect, CT

Matthew, from Prospect, CT, called our Weathertite Systems office because his old gutters were not doing their job. As the project manager arrived, he came to realize, they were in fact causing more damage than preventing them. The water was not moving along the downspouts and they were falling completely off the side of the home. Here is what the Weathertite Systems crew did to ensure that his home is functioning the way it should:

  • Removed old gutters and hauled away
  • Install new .032 white 5 inch gutters to the entire home
  • Reuse existing leaders and elbows (newer and well usable)
  • Clean up and haul away debris

The customer was very pleased that he had gutters that will actually do their job. 

Ice Melt Cable Installation - Prospect, CT
When Fred contacted our office it was December of 2016.  We ended up sending one of our representatives out to his home to take a better look at what needed to be done.  The following was completed to Fred’s home:
• Install new ice melt cables inside the gutters and leaders 
• On the front of house from left to right with a 240’ cable to at least the front door
• On the back of house from left to right with a 240’ cable to at least the back two doors
• The cables will also be installed on the roof eaves 2’ on a diagonal pattern
• Install electrical GFI outlet plugs by a certified professional electrician wired back to the panel box
• Remove all debris
The work stated above completed the job for Fred.  Once the job was finished, our representative was sure to answer any questions that Fred had about the job completed.  The customer was pleased with the quality of the materials used and of the service provided.
Chimney / Roof Repair - Prospect, CT

In order for our company to get a better understanding of Brett’s needs, we sent out a company representative to his home.  Brett was in need of roof and chimney repair and didn’t know who to call upon until he heard about our company.  The following is what was completed per contract to Brett’s home in Prospect:

  • Removed and replaced the complete center chimney per the contrat
  • Removed and replaced the complete roofing system per the contract
  • Remove all debris

Along with what was completed, there is also a list of materials used on the job:

  • BDL LM Designer Shingle Charcoal Black
  • Shadow Hip and Ridge Charcoal Black
  • Starter Strip Certainteed Swiftstart
  • Shinglevent Air Vent 11
  • WIP ice and water  barrier
  • TAMKI 15lb felt
  • 1 ½” coil nails
  • 3-4 pipe collar aluminum

Brett was happy with the completed work and we were thrilled to see that.  

Ventilator Repair - Prospect, CT

It was July 2013 when Vicky & Tony B. contacted our company.  Their call regarded their existing electrical roof ventilator and surrounding rubber from the flat roof section on the home.  We sent out a company representative to take a better look at what exactly they needed repaired.  Once the inspection was over, our representative thought it was best to answer any questions they had regarding further steps.  A contract was then signed and a date to begin the work was set up.  On the start date, our crew arrived ready and on time; this is what they completed:

  • Removed the existing electrical roof ventilator and surrounding rubber from the flat roof section on the home
  • Installed a new electrical roof ventilator to replace the existing roof fan
  • Stripped in the new fan with 6” uncured flashing
  • Installed 6” uncured flashing over a tear in the existing rubber roof

The above work completes the repair process for Vicky and Tony B.  They were pleased with the final outcome and were glad they chose Weathertite in the first place!

Gutter Installation - Prospect, CT

Dave B. of Prospect contacted us with questions about a gutter system he wanted to have installed.  Considering the years of gutter experience that Weathertite has, he chose to call the right company for the job!  After setting Dave up with a company representative, further steps were taken and a contract was signed to begin work.  A date was set to begin in about two weeks and the following work took place on the start date:

  • Install new, white, 5 inch, seamless gutters with hidden hangers to the garage
  • Install two new, wicker downspouts to the newly installed gutters using 2” x 3” leaders and elbows
  • Seal the endcaps and popouts with tri polymer sealant
  • Remove all debris

Dave was happy with his new gutters and we assured him that they would last him a very long time.  After the job was completed, our project manager was sure to answer any questions that Dave had about his new gutter system.  All in all, the job went very smoothly!

Gutter Installation - Prospect, CT - Photo 1
Chimney Repair - Prospect, CT

Sherry B. called our office in regards to her chimney and how it needed to be repaired.  Our office associate thought it was best to set her up with a project manager in order to get a better understanding of the job that needed to be done.  When our representative arrived at her home in Prospect, he took measurements then talked with Sherry and asked if she wanted to go through with the job.  She did, and we began work in about a week from that date, and the following took place:

  • Grind chimney down to the roof line 100%
  • Clean all debris
  • Blow out al ljoints
  • Repoint the entire chimney down to the roof line 100%
  • Paint the washcap with acrylic-60 for strength
  • Apply a generous coat of cement to the washcap
  • Waterproof the entire chimney
  • Remove all debris
  • The flashing is included in the roof price

Once completed, Sherry was left with repairs that would last her years on end.  She was pleased with the customer service we provided and said we did an outstanding job!  We thank customers like Sherry for being so kind to work with.

Chimney Repair - Prospect, CT - Photo 1Chimney Repair - Prospect, CT - Photo 2
Roof /Skylights - Prospect, CT


Fortunately for Craig, we were on top of everything for him when he called our office.  He explained how he resided in Prospect and needed some roof work done.  Along with the roof work, he also had two skylights that needed to be replaced.  In order for our company to get a better understanding of what needed to be done, we sent out a company representative to take a closer look.  After inspection, a date was set to begin work.  The following is what was completed:

  • Removed the roofing shingles down to the decking from around the base of the 2 skylights located on the rear main roof section on the home and the area in between the two skylights
  • Removed the two skylights and discard
  • Installed two new velux FS-M06 skylights to the areas removed
  • Installed ice and water barrier to the area
  • Installed new shingles of like style and color to match the existing shingles on the roof as close as possible along with two new M06 flashing kits
  • Remove all debris

Thankfully for Craig, he chose the right company who provided him excellent quality products and customer service.  Now he can enjoy his brand new skylights and appearance of his repaired roof.  

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