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Certified Roof Replacement & Repair, Windows & Siding Contractor serving Oxford & across Connecticut

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Reviews From Oxford
Testimonials From Oxford
A pleasure to work with all @ Weathertite LLC. Thank you!
Testimonial by Marlene A. from Oxford, CT
Was very pleased with the work...
Testimonial by Samuel C. from Seymour, CT

Roof replacement and roof repair contractor in Oxford, CT

Your roof is an extremely important part of your home and plays a vital role in both keeping out the elements and creating a good visual impression. However, no roof is ever going to last forever and your roof will eventually need roof repair and, at some point, a full roof replacement.

Since your roof is such an important part of your home you don't just want any contractor to handle the repair or replacement. Weathertite Systems, LLC has over 15 years of experience providing exceptional residential and commercial roofing services and our experts are here to help. Our team can thoroughly inspect your roof for any signs of roof damage, diagnose the problem, and suggest whether roof repair or a roof replacement would be best. We'll also take into consideration your budget and aim to provide the best value possible at your price range. 

If you need roof repair, roof replacement, or any of our other roofing services then don't hesitate! The longer you wait the more costly the repairs will likely become as the problem worsens. Contact us today to schedule your free roof repair or roof replacement cost estimate in Oxford, CT.

Siding installation and window replacement specialists serving Oxford, CT

Weathertite Systems, LLC can also install new siding and replace your old windows with more energy efficient replacements. Both your siding and windows play an important role in protecting your home, boosting your curb appeal, and keeping your home energy efficient. Damaged and old siding and windows are thus a major detriment to your home. and sometimes even cost you in terms of lost energy savings.

Here at Weathertite Systems, LLC we can provide the siding installation and window replacement that you need. Our installers have years of experience and we work with leading manufacturers to provide you with varied quality siding and window materials including:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Fiberglass siding
  • Vinyl windows
  • Wood windows
  • Fiberglass windows
  • Energy-efficient windows

Deck installation and restoration in Oxford, CT

Interested in a place to relax and enjoy your yard or entertain friends? A quality deck installation is just what you need to turn your backyard into a paradise. Your local deck installation experts at Weathertite Systems, LLC can install this brand new deck to your specifications or, if you already have a deck, restore or resurface your old one. We work with a variety of materials including:

  • Vinyl decking
  • Composite decking
  • Wood decking

Trusted gutter installation contractor

Your roof is only part of your home's protection against the elements. Your gutters also play an important role by redirecting water away from your siding and foundation. Without well-maintained gutters your home is vulnerable to water damage and even basement flooding. That's why it's critical that you have your gutters regularly cleaned and, when necessary, fully replaced. Weathertite Systems, LLC can help with all your gutter cleaning and new gutter installation needs. 

Would you rather just not have to clean your gutters in the first place? A Gutter Helmet by Weathertite Systems will help you never need to clean your gutters again by keeping debris out of your gutters while still letting water in.  

Weathertite Systems, LLC is the full-service roofing company and exterior remodeling contractor you can call for roof repair, roof installation, siding replacement, window installation, deck design and installation, and more. Schedule your free cost estimate in Oxford, CT today!

Case Studies From Oxford
A customer needed help with cleaning out the gutters on his home.
Job Stories From Oxford, CT
Roofing Repair - Oxford, CT

The following was completed in Oxford, CT:

We first removed the last 4 rows of roofing shingles along the bob on the rear lower roof section on the home, then cleaned the bib flashing to the best of our ability, installed ice and water barrier to the area, installed new shingles of like style to the area and installed new mill finish aluminum flashing below the existing flashing.  To finish the job, our team sealed all needed areas with sealant, and removed all debris.  The customer was delighted with the results. 

Shingle Replacement - Oxford, CT

A customer in Oxford, CT, needed felt paper installed under his shingles, so he contacted Weathertite. In order to get the job done, we had to remove the shingles so we could install the felt paper. After we installed the felt paper, we replaced the shingles and we made sure they looked as close as possible to the old shingles we removed earlier. The customer was very pleased with the final results. 

Roofing System Replacement & Zinc Stripes Installation - Oxford, CT

Ronald T. of Oxford wanted his roofing system replaced, so he contacted Weathertite. Here's what we did for him:

  • Removed and replaced the complete roofing system on the complete main house.
  • Installed zinc strips to both sides of all ridges.
  • Removed the existing washcap and top row of bricks from the chimney.
  • Ground and re-pointed the complete chimney from the roofline up.
  • Re-set the top row of bricks and installed a new washcap.
  • Waterproofed the complete chimney.
  • Removed all debris.

Ronald was pleased with the final result.

Roofing Replacement - Oxford, CT

Ralph W. of Oxford wanted part of his roof replaced with new shingles and a new vent pipe, so he contacted Weathertite and we got to work immediately. Here's what we did for him:

  • Removed 2 layers of roofing down to the decking from around the 3” vent pipe and the 4” louver.
  • Installed ice and water barrier to both areas.
  • Installed a new 3” vent pipe boot and a new 4” louver.
  • Installed 2 new layers of shingles of like make and color.
  • Sealed needed areas with tripolymer sealant.
  • Removed all debris.

Ralph was pleased with the final result.

Ice & Water Installation - Oxford, CT

Ralph contacted Weathertite Systems about a roof repair. He needed his roof to be protected through ice and water without it damaging him and his home. The project manager laid out a plan and we did the following:

Removed 2 layers of roofing down to the decking from around 3” vent pipe and the 4” louver

  • Installed ice and water barrier to both areas
  • Install a new 3” vent pipe boot and a new 4” louver
  • Installed 2 new layers of shingles of like make and color
  • Sealed needed areas with tripolymer sealant
  • Removed all debris

The customer was so happy that his new roof can withstand temperatures and hazardous weathers.  

Gutter Replacement - Oxford, CT

Cody contacted Weathertite and asked about what we could done to help his damaged gutters.  We offered him a free consultation, where we then sent a company rep to view his property.  The following was completed for Cody:

  • Take down and haul away gutters on the rear of the garage
  • Install new 5” white gutters with leaders and elbows on the front and rear of the garage
  • Clean up and haul away debris
  • Try to realign gutter on side entrance to main house.  Ask customer

This completed the job for Cody B of Oxford.

Gutter Work - Oxford, CT

When Kevin B. called our Weathertite Office in September of 2008, he asked about what could be done to solve his gutter issues.  We sent out a company associate to get a better look at his current gutter system and to conversate with Kevin about what he specifically wanted.  Kevin told our representative and a date was formally set, just about a week after they had met at Kevin’s home.  The following work was completed:

  • Install brown drip edge on rear screen porch
  • Install one row of starters over new drip edge to extend ¾” into the gutter
  • Install brown rake edge to left and right rakes of rear screen porch
  • Install new starters up both rakes to extend ¾” and trim both rakes
  • Remove several shingles at roof pitch transition over rear screen porch
  • Install 1 piece of pre-primed fascia board and new flashing with new shingle sin transition area
  • Install new brown .032 seamless gutter and downspout on screen porch
  • Install complete new brown downspout from left rabbit run down into screen porch gutter
  • Cut upper gutter back 4” from left side, install new end cap.  Run complete new downspout directly to ground
  • Install new elbows and extensions on the bottom of all downspouts to prevent foundation erosion
  • Install new gutter and left and right downspouts on main front roof section

This particular job was completed in about 2 days after it began.  Our project manager updated Kevin every step of the way to make sure he was pleased with the appearance of his new home.  The products used were high quality so we assured Kevin that he wouldn’t have any more gutter issues for a while to come.

Roof Replacement - Oxford, CT


Cliff, an Oxford homeowner, called us in May of 2014.  He called regarding his current roof system, and that he believed it needed some work done.  A damaged roof can cause many problems!  Thankfully for Cliff, we were able to help him out.  One of our company representatives met him at his home in Oxford, and fortunately for the customer, we knew exactly what he needed after inspection.  Cliff signed with our company, and we began work in a short amount of time.  Some of the work included is:

  • Removed and replaced the complete roofing system on the rear of the main roof per the contract
  • Removed and replaced needed plywood
  • Removed and replaced the right rear rake board with composite

If Cliff waited any longer, who knows what problems could have risen.  Thankfully, he didn’t wait until last minute like many people do.  If a replacement isn’t needed, it is always a good idea to have an old roof routinely checked, just to be sure that there aren’t any problems arising within the plywood underneath the shingles themselves, or anything else.  Cliff was happy with his Weathertite experience, and was glad he chose to go with us for his roofing needs.

Roofing Installment - Oxford, CT

Weathertite Systems recieved a call when the New England weather started getting rough around the Spring time. Homeowner, in Oxford, CT, realized that he couldn't really make it through the years with a workout roof and was in extreme need of a new one. As we gave him a quote he felt at ease that a new roof was going to be installed soon. 

Homeowner chose the Granite Gray Designer Shingles from Owens Corning. He was happy with his choice. To prevent further fear of a leaky roof down the road, we installed a shinglevent air vent and WIP Ice & Water that allows for a happy roof. 

The customer was very pleased with our work. 

Work Requests From Oxford, CT
Vicinity of Chestnut Tree Hill Road in Oxford
Roof is 20 years old: need replacement.
Vicinity of Moose Hill Rd in Oxford
Looking for siding (preferably Hardie), New Roof installation, and window replacement.
Vicinity of Shelton Rd. in Oxford
The gutter on the front of the house is falling off. The one in the back fell off years ago.
Vicinity of Oxford Rd in Oxford
Like to get quote and finance options
Vicinity of Punkup Rd in Oxford
Leaky roof
Vicinity of Good Hill Road in Oxford
Simple job, gutters for front and back of house.
Vicinity of TOWANTIC HILL RD in Oxford
I need new garage doors. Do you do garage doors?
Vicinity of Riggs Street in Oxford
Need a complete gutter system installed on my home
Vicinity of Cortland Pl in Oxford
I am looking to fix/replace a couple pieces of siding by my deck (melted from the grill) and the around the garage doors (damaged by prior homeowner).
Vicinity of Old Church Rd in Oxford
Need roof replacement - roof is 31 years old. Need to replace skylight, and would like to add ridge vent.