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Gutters & Downspouts Case Studies: Complete Gutter Replacement in Bridgeport

Monday, June 26th, 2017 by Mohammed Barmo


Brian contacted our office in October of 2016 regarding his current gutter system.  Our office associate guided him through the process of having his requests met, which first started off with setting him up with one of our sales representatives.  Once our representative meets Brian at his home in Bridgeport, his gutters could be looked at a bit closer.  Our rep informed Brian that he needed some gutters removed and replaced.  


The following was completed for Brian:

  • Removed the existing three sections of gutters from the main roof section and the two sections of gutters from the lower roof section located above the main entrance to the building and discard
  • Installed new white 5-inch seamless gutters to the areas removed using hidden hangers approximately two inches apart while –reusing the existing downspouts and installed two endcaps on the right mitre
  • Re-pitched the far right gutter on the building
  • Sealed all end caps, miters, and pop outs with gutter sealant
  • Notw: in the area where the gutter work will be done, the existing ice melt cables will be removed and re installed after the work is complete
  • Removed all debris

Brian was happy with what we completed for him.  He was left with a brand new gutter system which would last him for many years.

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