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Commercial Roofing Case Studies: Chimney Repair in Shelton

Monday, July 2nd, 2018 by Mohammed Barmo


The customer called Weathertite Systems, LLC in regards to a heavily damaged and neglected chimney. This chimney was not properly waterproofed and thus was very susceptible to storm damage, the customer wanted to ensure their own safety for future endeavors.  


In order to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and safety, the Weathertite team took the following action.

  • Remove the metal flue cover from the chimney and save
  • Chopped off the existing wash cap
  • Chopped out the top two Corbel courses
  • Rebuilt the Corbel courses with new bricks
  • Filled in the void around the flues
  • Applied a wash cap
  • Waterproofed the chimney down to the flashing
  • Reinstalled the metal flue cover
  • Removed all debris

The customer was very pleased with the work completed by the Weathertite crew.

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